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Day and boarding education for boys aged 11-18 and day girls aged 16-18
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Admissions FAQs

Admissions FAQs
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There can be lots of questions around admissions. We have tried to outline many of the questions we often get asked about joining Haberdashers' Adams - please see below. If you require any more information please contact us.

Who can apply for a place at Haberdashers’ Adams?
Do you have a catchment area?
How do I apply for a Year 7 place?
I have had a letter saying my son is of grammar school ability, does that mean he’s got a place?
I missed the deadline for Year 7 applications, can I still apply?
Do you accept pupils with Special Educational Needs?
We are moving to the area and my son is in Year 8 at the moment, how can I apply for a place at Haberdashers’ Adams?
We live abroad can I apply for a boarding place for my son?
Where can I get practise papers from?
When will I know if my son has a place?
Do you provide buses?
What information do you supply about the entrance test result?