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Day and boarding education for boys aged 11-18 and day girls aged 16-18
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Welfare Overview

Welfare Overview
in School Life

Years after leaving Haberdashers’ Adams a chance meeting occurs between two individuals who become aware that they were both previously pupils at the school. Upon discovering this information, the next question is guaranteed:

“What House are you in?”

Note that the tense of the question refers to the present, rather than the past, despite the participants of the conversation having left the school many years ago.

This question, and its' tense in particular, encapsulates pupil welfare at Haberdashers’ Adams. While it is our goal to ensure that when young people leave the school they do so ready to take the next steps in their life, it is also our goal that they feel they never truly leave the school behind. Indeed, many new pupils often report that they feel more of an affinity to our school within months of joining than they did to a previous one they had been a part of for years.

Central to pupil welfare is the thriving (and at times tribal) House system. At Haberdashers’ Adams a young person’s House (Clive, Darwin, Talbot or Webb) quickly becomes a young person’s family, and within that family they will receive support, encouragement, safety, discipline, opportunity, confidence, stability, a large degree of healthy competition and a sense of belonging that ensures all pupils are happy, safe and respected.

A firm line is taken regarding the minimal levels of poor behaviour we encounter; often being nipped in the bud by a Sixth Form prefect or a form tutor before being given a chance to grow into something larger, and a firm approach is held towards any form of discrimination through the Valuing and Respecting Diversity (VRD) programme. Any barriers to learning, be it a Special Educational Need or Disability (SEND), financial circumstances, family/home issues, medical conditions or social/emotional needs are embraced by the school and often one-to-one support is used to ensure that all pupils are able to access the vast opportunities the school has to offer.

Dan Biggins
Deputy Head – Pupil Welfare