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Special Educational Needs (SEN)

Special Educational Needs (SEN)
in School Life

Haberdashers' Adams believes that:

All teachers are teachers of pupils with Special Educational Needs, and have a responsibility to meet those needs with the advice and support of the SENCo and Heads of House.

Pupils with Special Educational Needs are fully integrated into the life of the school, enabling them to maximise their potential as learners and experience and contribute to the social and cultural activities of the school


The SEN department works with students from year 7 to year 13 who need any extra help. We work with Form Tutors, Heads of House, Heads of Department, teaching staff, parents and pupils to ensure the young people in our school achieve their full potential –  all are important and all have a role to play.

All pupils at Haberdashers' Adams are academically able but even academically able students require support in some aspects of their learning. The school sees this as relating not just to a pupil realising their academic potential, but also being vital in developing the whole person.

Haberdashers' Adams has a comprehensive policy for meeting the needs of those pupils who have a special educational need and the provision for pupils should:

  • Match needs
  • Take account of the wishes and feelings of the pupil
  • Be in partnership with the pupil’s parents/carers

In practice this means that we try to identify, at an early stage, any pupils who are experiencing barriers to learning. We use information from previous schools, listen to the concerns of our pupils and parents, and undertake our own observations and assessments.
As required by the Special Educational Needs Code of Practice 2014, all pupils who have been identified as having a special need are placed on a Special Needs Register. This confidential list is available to all staff so that they are aware of pupils’ needs, and can plan their teaching accordingly. Pupils are placed on the register at:

  • Monitoring – where there is a concern regarding some aspect of the pupils’ learning, and this is monitored.
  • School Support – where the pupil has been assessed and it has been deemed appropriate to provide the pupil with more targeted/individual support. Individual pupil information will be disseminated through Provision Planning, where pupil’s individual difficulties will be identified, together with appropriate strategies to underpin Quality First Teaching.
  • An IEP or Pupil Passport –  written in conjunction with the pupil and reviewed termly with the pupil and ideally with parents/carers, will only be required where the advice of the Educational Psychology Service has been requested.
  • Depending on the progress the pupil makes they will be moved off the SEN register or, if their needs cannot be met at School Support, an EHCP may be requested.
  • Education and Health Care Plans (formally known as Statements of Special Educational Needs) – pupils at this stage will have been formally assessed by the Local Authority and will have been given, prior to September 2014, an Education and Health Care Plan. The school will work towards meeting the objectives (Statements) or Outcomes (EHCP) on these documents. They will be reviewed annually, and the objectives/outcomes may change as a result of this review. In year 9 and year 11 a member of the Future Focus team will also attend these reviews to discuss career choices and future study. In addition to the Annual Review Meeting, parents will be contacted termly to discuss pupil progress.

All staff will have access to detailed information about each pupil with a Statement or ECHP, and will be informed of any changes in need or provision.

Admission Arrangements

The admission arrangements for those pupils with special needs without a statement are the same as for all pupils.

Pupils with a Statement or ECHP are placed by the Local Authority where a pupil has met the entrance criteria.

Communication with Parents

All staff are committed to working closely with all parents/carers. We would urge you to contact the Form tutor/SENCo/Head of House with any concerns.

Yours contacts for any SEN specific enquiries are below. To email please visit our Contact page and select the relevant contact from the drop down menu. 

  • SENCo – Mr D Biggins - Tel: 01952 953810
  • Head of Learning Support – Mrs J Walsh - Tel: 01952 953824

SEND Information Report (PDF 299KB)

SEND School Offer (PDF 315KB)

SEND Policy (PDF 336KB)