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Day and boarding education for boys aged 11-18 and day girls aged 16-18
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Religious Studies

Religious Studies
in School Life

Religious Studies: Academically rigorous and personally inspiring.

Religious Studies teaches and encourages students to be curious and reflect on a wide range of complex and fundamental questions about the mysteries and complexities of life which humans have asked for centuries.  These include what makes a human? How was the universe created? Does God exist?  Why is there suffering in the world? What happens when we die?  Religious Studies provides the opportunity for pupils to debate and explore some of these most profound and fascinating questions which continue to perplex people today.

RS at Adams is a rigorous academic subject, and pupils are encouraged not only to understand the key religious beliefs and practices of the six world religions, but also to critically reflect, evaluate and analyse the impact which these beliefs may have on a person’s life and society as a whole.  It is our aim that the study of RS will also contribute to the broader education of the pupil through their growing understanding of other cultures and faiths, helping them to reflect on their own beliefs and views on the world.   We hope that studying RS will give pupils a more informed view of the world and help them to better understand current affairs involving religion.   

RS should encourage and provoke pupils to reflect; they are required to set aside and challenge preconceptions and assumptions, and treat all topics and issues in a rigorously academic and detached manner. Pupils are taught the skills to enable them to think carefully and critically about complex theological and philosophical concepts, evaluating both sides of the argument to reach balanced and informed conclusions which are fully supported with appropriate evidence and examples; skills which are essential to their future lives after Adams. Throughout their time at Adams, pupils are taught about the importance and need to respect other people’s beliefs and ideas, which is encouraged by visiting the places of worship of the six world religions to consolidate their understanding of each faith.

During Key Stage Three, all pupils study the beliefs, practices and history of the six major world religions. RS is an option choice at GCSE where pupils study the AQA Religious Studies specification, focusing on the study of Christianity and Islam along with a wide range of philosophical and ethical themes including the existence of the universe, life after death, euthanasia, abortion, and crime and punishment.  If they choose to continue with RS at A-level, they will study the OCR Religious Studies specification which focuses on Philosophy of Religion, Ethics and Development of Christian Thought.

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Teaching Staff

Miss N J Williams
B.A. M.A. (Durham)
Deputy Head of Sixth Form, Head of Religious Studies and Head of Philosophy

Miss S L Bowater
B.Ed (Birmingham), MA (Wolverhampton), Farmington Fellow (Harris Manchester College, Oxford University)
Head of Darwin House

Mrs S Kaur
B.A (Birmingham)