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Psychology is a relatively new subject at Adams and is offered at AS Level as we look for ways to diversify the academic experience gained by pupils in our sixth form. In essence this subject focuses upon the scientific study of the human mind and its functions, especially those affecting behaviour. Pupils who are curious about how people act will find this a rewarding choice, but need to be prepared for the wealth of key terms and examples of research that inform our understanding of the theory.

Each week there are practical tasks to inform our knowledge of how psychologists tackle the issue of collecting data. This is then combined with a sequence of 6 topics, investigating such diverse themes as our behaviour in groups, how memory works and the impact of our early childhood upon how successfully we build relationships with those around us. Notable psychologists are dotted through the specification to inspire pupils to potentially follow their footsteps.

Successful pupils combine good note-taking skills with a willingness to question ideas & contribute to discussions, thus consolidating their understanding of what can be some quite tricky or subtle ideas. An ability to confidently write essays is also an advantage.

Teaching Staff

Mrs HM Wood
B.A. (Wolverhampton)