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Day and boarding education for boys aged 11-18 and day girls aged 16-18
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Government & Politics

Government & Politics
in School Life

Very little in our lives is not touched by politics in some way. By the time pupils leave Adams, the department hopes to have instilled in them a continuing interest in politics and an enthusiasm to find out more about important issues which will have an impact on their lives – they may even be sufficiently motivated to vote!

Pupils come to the study of Government and Politics relatively late in their school career, although they will have been introduced to important concepts earlier through History and PSHE. During their study of Government and Politics, pupils will have the opportunity to express opinions and challenge the opinions of others through balanced and informed debate. They will come to appreciate the people, institutions and organisations which govern our daily lives and develop their own ideas as to how countries should be governed and the part played in the democratic process by ordinary citizens.

At the very least, pupils should subscribe to the idea that while we may not agree with other people’s opinions, we respect their right to hold those opinions.

At Adams we offer the Edexcel 9PL0 syllabus, which includes British Politics, American Politics and Political Ideas. Pupils of Government and Politics will develop a critical awareness of the nature of politics and the relationship between political ideas, institutions and processes. They will gain an understanding of the structures of authority and power within the UK's political system and how these may differ from those of other political systems, especially that of the United States. They will therefore gain an appreciation for political concepts, such as power, authority, representation, separation of powers, checks and balances etc, which underpin our political systems. They will examine how these systems came about, and how they have evolved over time.

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Teaching Staff

Mr D Fear
B.A. (Swansea)
Head of Government and Politics