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The Earth is a dynamic and exciting planet. Over 4,600 million years it has undergone amazing evolutionary processes. Vast oceans and mountains were formed and destroyed; catastrophic events such as meteorite impacts, volcanic eruptions and earthquakes occurred; global greenhouses and icehouses existed and there were also periods of relative calm. All these events greatly influenced the appearance and extinction of life forms, including modern human.

Geology pupils at Adams will follow OCR’s linear A-level course (H414). This specification is more tightly focussed on understanding and application of earth science ideas and concepts, rather than simply factual recall. A combination of dynamic classroom-based activities and stimulating fieldwork-based learning will help you develop a varied skill set. This will provide an excellent basis for a wide variety of potential undergraduate degree courses.

Understanding the origin, structure, history and environment of the Earth has fundamental and profound consequences for all inhabitants.

Geology employs physical, chemical, biological and mathematical methods to:

  • Investigate geological hazards such as earthquakes, volcanoes and landslides.
  • Investigate the geological structure and origin of continents and oceans.
  • Study rocks and minerals as well as the processes that formed them.
  • Study fossils to interpret the 4,600 million year history of Earth.
  • Discover and develop economic deposits of oil, gas, metals and construction materials, and search for vital underground water supplies.
  • Survey and monitor ground conditions on major construction sites.
  • Advise on land use and environmental issues.

Geoscientists try to understand the origin, significance and order of these events in order to understand the Earth more fully. Such an understanding is vital if we are to locate, use, and harness the Earth’s resources and face future environmental challenges.

Career prospects for graduates with a background in earth science are very promising in terms of both diverse opportunities and potential earnings. Geology graduates are in demand from a number of industries in the UK and overseas, particularly from the oil and gas industry, but also from mining and quarrying, construction, the water industry, engineering and consultancy, technical testing, government, higher education, museums and the finance industry.

Many Old Novaportans have gone on to develop highly successful careers in earth science-based industries, including Shell UK, British Nuclear Fuels Limited, Geologix Limited and De Beers.

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Teaching Staff

Dr PJ Dolding
BSc, MSc, PhD (UCL)
Head of Talbot House