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Day and boarding education for boys aged 11-18 and day girls aged 16-18
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The Geography Department at Haberdashers' Adams consists of three full-time members of staff: Head of Department Miss Laura Jones and geography teachers Mrs Charlotte Harman and Mr Phil North who are also Head of Webb House and Head of Clive House respectively. We are a dynamic, passionate and experienced department who are committed to facilitating the learning of our students, to develop an interest for the subject and its relevance in the wider world. All three staff have held the role of Head of Geography during our careers reflective of our desire to move the subject forward continually and strive for the very best for our pupils.

Geography is a broad, relevant and exciting subject to study. We want to help pupils to develop a natural curiosity about the world they live in and to give them the skills to explore a range of ideas and issues. Geography graduates are employable due to the wide range of skills they need to develop and we try to reflect this within the school environment.  All year groups experience an annual field trip to allow pupils to apply geographical knowledge to case studies in the local and regional area.  In the Sixth Form a week long residential enables them to further develop the ability to apply and test academic research in specific locations. As part of the OCR Investigative Geography aspect of their A-level, this gives them the opportunity to further explore an aspect of the specification that they are enthused by while simultaneously expanding their ability to manage a large scale project independently.  This all acts as great preparation for university or the world of work. Lower down the school field work is based on a range of human and physical topics and includes highlights such as a visit to Jaguar Landrover (in Year 8) to see how a moving production line works and to consider ideas on a much larger scale such as globalisation and its impact on such companies.

Within the classroom we are thoroughly enjoying teaching the new specifications at both GCSE and A-level providing a mix of both traditional and contemporary geography with up to date and current case studies such as the expansion of Istanbul and the challenges and opportunities it faces as a global city.  At Key Stage Three we look to stretch pupils early on with GCSE standard material and to encourage them to appreciate both natural and human environments, from local to global scales. Our aim is to not just help pupils to prepare for their external examinations but to help those of all ages understand the big global issues that affect us all such as climate change, urban futures, global hazards and the challenges of resource exploitation and sustainability. Additional to lessons, pupils from Year 7 to Upper Sixth have ample opportunity to stretch their geographical knowledge and put it to the test through participation in House Geography, the annual Geographical Association’s Worldwide Quiz and attendance to lectures at nearby universities and schools.

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Teaching Staff

Miss L Jones
B.A. (Notts)
Head of Geography & Head of Webb

Mrs C Harman
B.Sc. (University of Birmingham)
Head of Sixth Form

Mr P R North
B.Sc. (Aber) M.Ed. (Keele)
Head of Clive House