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Day and boarding education for boys aged 11-18 and day girls aged 16-18
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Curriculum Overview

Curriculum Overview
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I have worked at this school since 1995, first as Head of Maths then as Assistant Head and, since 2015, as Deputy Head.

My role as Deputy Head Curriculum means that I am responsible for and committed to ensuring that our pupils receive a broad and deep education, giving them the knowledge, skills, and wide-ranging curiosity about the world they live in which will help them to have happy and fulfilling lives and to contribute to the betterment of society. Necessarily, this involves preparation for a wide variety of public examinations but it also goes much further, both within and outside the classroom.

To ensure a full, all-round curriculum for our pupils we offer a clear framework up to GCSE which includes compulsory sciences, foreign language, humanities (including religious studies) and a performance subject (art, drama, music or physical education). Our Sixth Form curriculum builds on this “breadth is strength” approach so all of our pupils study three A-levels and an AS-level in a complementary subject, as well as completing the Extended Project Qualification (EPQ).

The examination courses are, however, only part of the learning that takes place at this school. I help to oversee a rich variety of lectures, trips and other off-timetable activities which put classes into context and deepen our pupils’ understanding of the interconnections between different areas of life.

In addition to managing the curriculum, I am responsible for the quality of teaching and for a range of organisational systems (including GCSE options, Sixth Form admissions, internal school examinations and other assessments, and the school calendar), as well as data analysis (judging the performance of individuals, departments, and year-groups against internal and national benchmarks), and leading the school’s Teaching and Learning Group. The latter is of growing importance as we look at educational research and aim to adjust our teaching strategies and practice to take advantage of research findings.

Outside school, you are most likely to find me absorbed in foreign language films (see, which I help to run) or cycling up and down the Shropshire hills.

Peter Pack
Deputy Head - Curriculum

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