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Computer Science

Computer Science
in School Life

The microprocessor, which lies at the heart of every computing system, is found absolutely everywhere, from the PC on your desk to tablets, games consoles, mobile phones, cars and even microwave ovens. Modern society simply could not function without computers, but few people really understand how it all works. Choosing to study Computer Science will give you that knowledge and understanding.

Computer Science is offered as a subject at both GCSE and A-level for pupils who want to explore the creation of the digital technology that has such an impact on the lives of individuals, organisations and society. If you enjoy maths, science and puzzles then this subject could be the right choice for you.

Computer Science will give you a deep insight and understanding into how it all fits together, from the microprocessor to memory, storage, operating systems and network architectures. Computer Science students learn logical reasoning, algorithmic thinking, design and structured problem solving, all concepts and skills that are valuable well beyond the classroom.

Of course, a computer is of no use without the software programs that create the systems we have become so familiar with and reliant on. In Computer Science lessons you will learn how even the most complex software starts with simple common processes, and you will use those to build your own sophisticated programs in the same languages that are used by Google, Youtube and many others.  Languages such as Python, Assembly, HTML and JavaScript.

You will learn how, with the invention of a microscopic switch, the transistor, computers are able to represent numbers, games, the pictures on your phone and the music and videos you stream all without ever being more than a simple combination of 1s and 0s. You will manipulate this binary language in ways that non-computer scientists will ever understand.

Computer Science is an exciting subject. It is a skill that is in high demand in the workplace. It can be challenging and frustrating in equal amounts. But it is never boring!

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Teaching Staff

Mr R Edwards
BSc (Swansea)
Head of Department