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Classical Civilisation

Classical Civilisation
in School Life

Classical Civilisation is studied at AS level and covers the ancient Greek world through its literature, art and architecture. The pupils cover Homer’s ‘Odyssey’ in ‘The World of the Hero’. This and the Iliad are one of the oldest texts and celebrate the oral tradition of ancient times. The Odyssey focuses on the homecoming of Odysseus who is fated to suffer an extended homecoming which ventures into the supernatural.

Literature of the 5th century is studied through the iconic Sophocles tragedy ‘Oedipus Rex’ considered by Aristotle to be the perfect tragedy and influences tragedies throughout literature, including Shakespeare.  Alongside this are the less known but just as interesting: Euripides ‘The Bacchae’ and the outrageous comedy ‘The Frogs’ by Aristophanes. Art and architecture is studied in conjunction with the drama.

The texts are studied in translation but we do have a beginners and intermediate Latin club where pupils are given an insight into the language and the Roman world following the Cambridge Latin course.

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Teaching Staff

Mrs J Lloyd
B.A. (London) M.A. (OU)
Head of Classical Civilisation