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Day and boarding education for boys aged 11-18 and day girls aged 16-18
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Prep Club

Prep Club
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Prep Club is available to day pupils in Years 7-9 and is based at our Junior Boarding House at Longford Hall.

Along with junior boarders Club members will be picked up by minibus and taken to Longford at the end of the school day or once their chosen club or activity has finished.

At Longford they will have their tea and take part in whatever activity has been organised that evening before doing their prep, under the supervision of the Boarding Tutors.

There is also the opportunity for boys to complete their music practice at Prep Club, either at Longford Hall or in the dedicated practice rooms at the Coach House on the main school site.

Prep Club is ideal if you work long hours and struggle to make the normal end of school day time. You can be confident that by the time you pick your son up he will have been fed well, completed his prep and enjoyed time relaxing with his friends, meaning time at home is more relaxed without the time pressures often associated with school nights.

Pupils often find that doing Prep under the supervision of the Boarding Tutors helps them improve the quality of work they complete. The Boarding Tutors have a range a specialties including Maths, Science and Languages enabling pupils to have their questions answered without having to wait until the following day.

Prep Club finishes at 7.30pm and is available Monday-Friday during term time. Once every half term the boarders have an Exeat weekend, on these weekends Prep Club will not be available on the Friday evening and Club members will need to be picked up from school at the end of the normal school day. On other occasions such as early finishes at the end of term Prep Club will not run but these will always be clearly shown on the weekly calendar sent to all parents.

Prep Club is available, to those pupils who have been offered, and who have confirmed, a day place. Only once this has been confirmed may a parent/guardian request the services of Prep Club.


The cost of Prep Club from September 2019 £1,150 per term, this includes transport from school, supervised activities, two-course evening meal and supervised prep.

We offer the following options for the payment of Prep Club fees:

  • Full annual fee in advance before 1st September.
  • Termly in advance – payment to be received before the first day of each term.
  • 10 equal instalments by Standing Order – the first payment to be received by 1st September and the final payment by 1st June.

Childcare Vouchers

Working parents may be able to pay Prep Club costs using childcare vouchers. For more information about the government’s childcare voucher scheme visit the Gov website.

Parents wishing to pursue this option will need to quote our Ofsted Number which is 137446.

Tax Credits

Eligible parents may be able to claim Working Tax Credits in respect of both Day and Full Boarding Fees. Further information on this is available on the HMRC website.

Parents wishing to pursue this option will need to quote our Ofsted Number which is 137446.
Queries with regard to tax credits and/or childcare vouchers should be addressed to HMRC, the school is unable to offer advice.


If you are interested in your son joining Prep Club please contact Marketing at or call 01952 386307 to discuss further.

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