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Day and boarding education for boys aged 11-18 and day girls aged 16-18
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Helping pupils to find the right path

The right career choice can make the difference between having an unfulfilling life and an exciting, happy life. At Adams we believe pupils should make choices that suit their passions as this is the route to job satisfaction and contentment.

Our careers education is designed to help pupils develop a good understanding of themselves. We encourage students to start thinking about their career options early in their time here. Very few will have a clear idea in KS3 of the path they wish to follow so research will be needed to ensure they pick the right subjects when choosing GCSEs and A Levels. Future careers continue to be a consideration for Sixth Formers and staff are always available to talk to pupils and their parents about the best options. All Year 11 pupils do work experience after their GCSE exams; this can help them to decide what career or careers will enthuse them in the years to come.

Employability skills are just as important as exam results and the wide range of House events, clubs, societies and trips available at Adams help pupils to develop these. By combining these skills with a broad educational base, practical experience and access to the best information and advice, we ensure they are equipped to make informed decisions about their options.

For the majority of our Sixth Formers those options will involve a university degree, but there many other routes available for pupils. An increasing number of pupils are choosing other paths such as apprenticeships, the military or straight into employment. We also provide advice to pupils considering a gap year and continue to support pupils who apply after their A-Level results.

In this section of our website, pupils and parents can find up-to-date information about courses and events designed to help pupils make informed decisions about their future. You will also find information about the wide range of organisations we work with to provide additional information and support.

Miss K Evans
BSc Hons (Physiology, University of St Andrews)
Head of Careers

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