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Day and boarding education for boys aged 11-18 and day girls aged 16-18
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Big School Library

Big School Library
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The Big School Library is at the heart of Haberdashers’ Adams, situated in the oldest room in the school. William Adams, founder of the school presented it with a Lantern Clock in 1657, which still shows the time. Photographs of previous Headmasters gaze down upon pupils from the far wall and ‘Bill’s Will’ is proudly displayed in the centre of the room, a reminder to visiting Old Novaportans of a time when copying out this 17th century document was the penalty for misdemeanours.
Past and present School and House captains have their names immortalised on the Honours Boards which hang on the walls. The boys who gave their lives for their country in both World Wars are commemorated on plaques that hold pride of place on the walls.
The Library provides access to over 15,000 print books and a wide selection of print and online magazines and newspapers.  Students can also buy their own magazines at reduced rates.
Library staff are always available to support pupils in their research and studies or simply to recommend some great reads.  The shelves are stocked with all the latest releases and all suggestions for new titles are gratefully received.
Our Library juxtaposes the traditional values of Adams as a place of academic learning and a modern feeling of unity and inclusion, as it hosts the William Adams Debating Society, House assemblies and the annual Bibliophagist competition.
Upstairs, there is a computer suite and a separate study room for group work.  A new mural art display has been commissioned to add vivacity and animation to that part of the library.
The Library is open every day from 9am-5pm and 9am-4pm on a Friday.  Everyone is welcome.  The Big School Library offers a calm, reflective learning environment, supporting all our pupils throughout their time here at Adams.
Please follow the link below to access our online catalogue:
Online Catalogue
Librarian Mrs Webb has compiled a reading list for pupils this summer - the list contains a wide variety of fiction and non-fiction books which pupils will enjoy while also helping to expand their knowledge and spark their creativity.
Summer Reading List 2019