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Day and boarding education for boys aged 11-18 and day girls aged 16-18
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Old Novaportans

Old Novaportans
in Our Community

Former pupils of Adams are known as Old Novaportans or ONs for short.

When pupils leave we ask them to provide their contact details so that we can keep in touch with them. We send out a regular e-newsletters letting them know what is going in the school and sharing news and updates about fellow ONs.

Old Novaportans are a valuable source of advice and feedback to our current pupils. They can offer up to date advice on applying to the UK’s leading Universities as well as careers advice for various professions. Large numbers of ONs return for annual events such as UCAS Preparation Week and the Careers Fair and we are very grateful to them for giving up their time.

Occasionally we organise re-union events, where ONs can meet with staff and stay in touch with the school. One of the most popular ways of keeping in touch is the annual ON Sports Weekends. Held just before Christmas each year the weekend includes highly competitive matches of football, netball, rugby, basketball and hockey that are enjoyed by large numbers of ONs competing against the current teams.

Old Novaportan Rugby 7's

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