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Day and boarding education for boys aged 11-18 and day girls aged 16-18
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Introduction to Boarding

Introduction to Boarding
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I am delighted to introduce you to boarding at Haberdashers’ Adams.

Haberdashers’ Adams is one of very few selective state schools in the country to have a boarding facility. With no charge for tuition, it offers a very affordable option for many.  Around one hundred of our pupils are boarders (boys only) and boarding contributes much to the ethos of the school.

We have a long tradition of academic excellence; however, we also emphasise the importance of developing the whole person, if boys are to be fully prepared to take on important and leading roles in society. Pastoral care is therefore very important. To this end each boy has a Personal Tutor who provides a link between boarding, school and parents and who is concerned with all aspects of a boy’s education, personal development, welfare and happiness.

Academic progress within school is monitored closely, and parents receive twice-termly reports on effort and achievement and a comprehensive annual record of achievement. In addition boys are encouraged to develop a wide range of interests. Experience shows that they all find something from which they can gain enjoyment and achievement and this soon builds confidence. The experience of boarding at Adams’ is itself a significant benefit in a boy’s development.

I hope the following pages will help to give you more information on what it is like to be a boarder at Haberdashers’ Adams.

Gary Hickey

8 Reasons to board at Adams

  1. Boarders feel better prepared for university life than day pupils as they have greater experience of managing their time and their belongings.
  2. Perversely boarders often report that they spend more quality time with their families. This is because their prep is normally completed during the week so weekends are not spent arguing about homework or tidying their rooms!
  3. Less time commuting means more time ‘doing’ – pupils can often travel for an hour each way to reach Adams. Boarders can spend this time relaxing with their friends, taking part in sport, rehearsing a play or practicing an instrument.
  4. Learning to live in a close-knit community and forming good relationships with those around you is an additional benefit which pupils often don’t consider at the time but come to value highly in adult life.
  5. Living together 24 hours a day 7 days a week and having the same experiences means boarders form incredibly strong friendships. Every time boarders return after leaving they not only fill us in on their lives but also many of their boarding compatriots because they are still such a close-knit group of life-long friends.
  6. Homework is an inevitable part of school life but boarders complete theirs in a set time frame every night alongside their classmates so there’s no wondering what you’re missing out on. Pupils will always have an experienced tutor or a fellow pupil to turn to for help or support on troublesome topics.
  7. Boarders enjoy a varied and filling diet including a choice of cooked breakfasts, two course lunches at school and tasty evening meals. Our catering partners, Catering Academy, are an award winning supplier of quality food and can cater for all tastes and dietary requirements.
  8. The outdoors life – junior boarders live at Longford Hall which is set in 100 acres of its own grounds including a fishing lake and a wood. Even the most indoors focused boys will find themselves outdoors exploring, kicking a football or climbing a tree before they know it!