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Day and boarding education for boys aged 11-18 and day girls aged 16-18
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Why Haberdashers' Adams

Why Haberdashers' Adams
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Choosing the right school is a massive decision, whether you are considering joining us as a day pupil or a boarder, for seven years or two years in the Sixth Form, there are lots of different elements you need to take into account.

First and foremost in the mind of a prospective pupil visiting the school should be to think about whether they think they would be happy here. The school is a vibrant and lively environment, there is always lots going on and we expect pupils to get involved. We strongly believe that a happy child will thrive in whatever environment they are in.

We have three key aspirations for what a Haberdashers’ Adams pupil should be like when they leave the school:

Pupils who are intellectually interesting

When a pupil leaves our school we want them to be an intellectually interesting individual. Anyone can learn facts from a textbook but a young person who is intellectually interesting will have the knowledge and the confidence to make connections between things they have learned across the different subject areas. Rather than simply learning the countries that make up the Middle East, have they thought about that in connection with what they have learned in Religious Studies or History? Are they aware of the implications of world events and can they relate them to topics they have studied in science or business studies?

Pupils who are broadly interesting

We expect pupils to get involved in the wide range of extra-curricular activities that the school provides. This could be in in terms of the quality of their contribution or in terms of the variety of different activities – preferably both!

Pupils who do not involve themselves in anything other than their studies risk missing out on an enormous potential for pleasure in their life. There are such a wide range of activities to choose from that a new pupil is bound to find something new and exciting to try. Our aspiration for all of our pupils is that they develop their skills across all areas of school life. An ideal Haberdashers’ Adams pupil sings in the choir, marches with our Combined Cadet Force, speaks at the Debating Society and plays hockey for the 1st XI!

Pupils who care about themselves and others

Pupils are expected to be kind, courteous and considerate; good manners are as important in today’s society as ever. As well as caring about others, we also want our pupils to care about themselves, to be engaged with and aware of the importance of their education and their role in making the most of their time at school. We don’t expect pupils to know, even when they are in the Upper Sixth, exactly what they wish to do with their lives but we do expect them to be engaged in the journey to finding out what that is.