School Video

Please view our School video below.

Boarding Video

Find out more about our boarding facilities and listen to the pupils talking about their boarding experience.

Design Technology Bike Assembly Video

Find out more about our Design Technology departments unique bike project.

Dixon Cup 2015

The highlight of the annual Dixon Cup competition is the Dance Category. Won this year by Talbot House with this fantastic entry.

The Sons of Pitches at Adams’

Our Chamber Choir had a wonderful opportunity to perform with The Sons of Pitches after just a 40 minute improvisation session! The visit was made extra special as one of The Sons, Joe Belham (centre) is a former pupil. There was also a great birthday surprise for one of our Sixth Formers.

Mr Hickey’s Birthday Flash Mob

In February 2016 Headmaster Mr Hickey enjoyed a significant birthday. The whole school practised and then performed a surprise dance for him during a seemingly ‘normal’ school assembly. Many thanks to all the staff involved, especially Mrs Mills for her choreography, and thanks also go to pupil Tom Tyler for editing the video.

First Midlands Taiko Day

In April 2016 our music department organised and hosted the first Midlands Taiko Day for all to enjoy!  The day included a series of workshops and was topped with an evening performance by guest drummers James Barrow, Keisuke Moriya, Okuma Daiko, Tamworth Taiko and members of the Wem Taiko Scence. The performance by our very own senior Taiko drummers can be viewed here.

Australia Music Tour

In October 2016, our music department returned to Melbourne with nineteen pupils for the school’s second music tour of Australia. Our pupils, aged 13-18, had the privilege of joining students from the award-winning specialist performing arts school, Ringwood Secondary College, for the College’s famous band tour. They also had the opportunity to give several performances of their own, including their medley of James Bond songs, with a beautiful solo by Upper Sixth pupil Victoria Parrott .


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