Pupil Welfare

‘Outstanding’ Pupil Welfare

Pupil Welfare underpins the success of our school. Judged to be ‘outstanding’ by the most recent Ofsted inspection, the system monitors the pastoral and academic progress of each pupil and is complemented by a broad programme of extra-curricular activities.  Devised to be proactive, it seeks to solve problems before they arise and to react swiftly when required.

In accordance with our VRD policy (Valuing and Respecting Diversity), all staff and students are expected to treat others with sympathy, understanding and tolerance, and act appropriately to oppose intolerance and wrongful discrimination. We actively encourage this through form time discussion of current issues, school and house assemblies, form mission statements and integrating VRD into lessons, as well as ensuring it is embedded within the ethos of Adams’.

At the heart of our Pupil Welfare system is our House structure, with all pupils and staff belonging to one of four Houses – Clive, Darwin, Talbot and Webb.  The Houses provide a range of support and activities through staff and pupils, offering encouragement, guidance and, when required, investigation and discipline.  The phrase “Adams’ is a community” is often used by pupils when they are describing their school to prospective students; there is certainly a strong feeling of camaraderie between students and respect between students and staff.

Our school captain, deputy school captains, house captains and boarding captains act as tremendous role models to the younger students, and the staff know the students exceptionally well, always encouraging them to be active and independent learners.  Boarding house masters, boarding tutors and matrons are also central figures in the welfare of our pupils.

For full detail of our sanctions and rewards as well as details of our exclusion arrangements please read our Behaviour Policy.