Big School Library

The Big School Library is so named because it was the original schoolroom when Adams’ Grammar School opened in 1656.

During term time the Library is open from 8am until 5.30pm making it an ideal place for pupils to study before or after school.

For pupils looking for additional reading to support particular subjects or interests please refer to our Reading Lists.

Don’t know what is available for your child?

The School VLE not only has an Online catalogue of everything that is in the Library, but also access to subscribed full text databases tailored to the Adams’ students’ academic needs.

No homework? Nothing to read?

How many times have parents said this to their child. Here is an opportunity to help your child select a suitable book from the thousands listed in the catalogue, which they can then come and collect direct from the School Library the next day.

I don’t know when my book has to be returned?

Every pupil can log on to their individual account using their Reader Number (which is printed below the barcode on the Library Card) and a PIN.  Notification of PINs were sent out, but can also be obtained by asking the Librarian.

School Email

Don’t forget – all pupils should check their emails on ……

Their official pupil mailbox is available via the VLE and contains vital information from Teachers, the School Office, Matron and the School Library. This is where reminders are sent regarding lost property, reserved books, Mufti Day, letters regarding overdue books and calendar updates.  If students prefer to have every email in one place, then they can set up the forwarding option from their school address to their personal address.

Sixth Formers

AS and A2 students can access full text magazine articles Online via the VLE. Click on Philip Allen Magazines and you can get in depth studies of for example: “The relationship of force and time …. in sport” (PE),  “TNC’s” (Geography) or “What happened to the dog?” in the Great Gatsby (English).  Articles are written by teachers, lecturers and examiners.

There are also hints and tips on how to tackle exam questions, what examiners are looking for and examples of answers and how they have been assessed. Lots of extra material to supplement your notes,  further case studies to use as examples and recommended web sites to lead your searches further.

For those doing English Literature – don’t forget the e-magazine. A link to full text articles exists on the  English Dept. area of the VLE.


For more information about the Big School Library and the services we offer please take a look at our latest Newsletter. Archive copies can be found below.

Big School Library Newsletter