At the end of August a number of our Old Novaportans met up for a few games of Ruby 7’s at Longford while revisiting some school memories with their old school friends. 

Our fifth Old Novaportan Rugby 7’s was blessed with some wonderful weather that brought out some equally wonderful rugby. Five teams going back as far as 2007 played a round robin of games. Ultimately it was a combined team from  the 2010 and 2016 cohorts -captained by Jack Pennells- that won the day in a thrilling final played against the ever present Ninja Turtle team of 2007 captained by Gappy Stevens. The final was a real testimony to not only the fitness of the players but showed real skill, verve, passion and not least  knowledge on how to play the game of 7’s. The two Sams, Hazledine and Hall, provided some real gas to capitalise on the wise heads of Jake Goulson and Luke Kendall.

This is a great event; not only is there some splendid rugby played but it is a fantastic opportunity to meet up with so many nice people in a relaxed environment. If you are interested in playing next year but feel that you haven’t got a team, turn up anyway; you will soon be grabbed by others looking to bolster their ranks.

A big thank you to Jim Willets –  a tourist to South Africa in 1996 –  who once again led the refereeing. An even bigger thanks to Richard Storrow who has been the driver behind this event for the last two years and has already been making contacts to ensure its success next year. One shouldn’t pick out any one player but a real inspiration to anyone thinking about digging out their old boots is former 1st XV captain Tom Pritchard, a man who knows how to control the pace of the game!

Well done and thank you to all who turned up on the day, either to play or support. Congratulations to the winning team with joint captains Jack Pennells and Fergus Mulhern.

Mr Rob Mulhern
Head of PE Department