During today’s assembly the Headmaster told pupils of his plans to change the school name to reflect the the school’s historic links with one of London’s leading Livery Companies.

Adams’ Grammar School will become Haberdashers’ Adams from the start of the new term in January 2018. Pupils were told of the new name in a special assembly in which pupils first learned more about the ancient links between the school, its founder William Adams and the Worshipful Company of Haberdashers. Headmaster, Gary Hickey, then went on to tell the pupils of the new name and present the Haberdashers’ crest which will replace the current crest the school uses.

Explaining the reason for the change he said “William Adams, a Haberdasher from Newport, founded the school in 1656. It was originally established to educate 80 foundation scholars, always boys, born in Newport and Chetwynd End and then further afield if space allowed. He never married so the considerable wealth he created during his lifetime was used to support his wider family and to ensure his school would continue to educate the poor boys of Newport. The fact the school continues to flourish nearly 400 years later is a tribute to him and to the Haberdashers’ Company who have continued to support us throughout that period”.

“Haberdashers’ Adams will continue to be part of the family of Haberdasher schools which includes state and independent schools across the UK. The support the Company provides is invaluable in allowing us to provide pupils with additional help in terms of careers, the facilities we are able to offer, and the benefits former pupils enjoy from being part of the unique Haberdashers’ community.”

“What people might be surprised to know is that since the school was founded we have already experienced four name changes; from the original ‘The Free Grammar School’ we became “Mr Adams’ Free School’ before in the 19th Century, becoming Newport Grammar School. The name Adams’ Grammar School has been in use from 1953 and is actually the one that has been in existence for the shortest amount of time. I believe the new name Haberdashers’ Adams is an ideal way to reflect the influence of our founder and the continued and vital support we receive from the Haberdashers Company.”

“To our past pupils Adams’ has always been Adams’, and always will be (even though it will now lose the apostrophe), and to our present pupils they can rest assured they will be part of this historic moment as we look, once again, to the future.”