House Cross-country is the first full school event of the academic year and for new starters it is their first taste of the House spirit they have heard so much about before joining Adams’.

This year’s event was once again blessed with great running conditions although a little chilly for the many spectators who made the journey to Longford for the afternoon. They were kept refreshed by members of the Adams’ PTA who supplied hot and cold drinks and snacks to spectators.

As Head of PE Mr Mulhern commented, when announcing the winners during assembly, House Cross-country is one of those events when it really is the taking part that matters. Before announcing the individual and House winners he praised the pupils saying “everyone who took part was a winner and that is because of the culture that exists within our community. It’s a culture that is so positive and so mature for its age. It is now easier for an individual to take part than it is to opt out. Everyone who takes part wins the respect of those around them, regardless of their performance. I say regardless of performance, but in truth there exists an intelligent appreciation amongst you that values the very different and real achievements and efforts right across the spectrum, which encompasses outstanding athletes to the stragglers at the back”

Mr Mulhern expressed his thanks to the Maintenance team for their hardwork in setting up the course as well as the staff and pupils who act as officials.

The whole event has been summed up beautifully in the following letter:

“Please may I begin by expressing my gratitude at experiencing this year’s event. Well publicised, organised and executed it was a most pleasurable afternoon. Your School and it’s people are truly an inspiration and a credit to you . I have never before experienced such camaraderie and team spirit which, having served 27 years in the military, is no mean feat.

Not just House team spirit, of which the rivalry is indeed fierce, but whole school and individual performances were encouraged by all, with no-one participant receiving any less encouragement from all attending. 

I enjoyed the afternoon so much I would be most grateful if you could pass on the immense pride I feel to have been involved in such a fantastic event and School.”


Year 7

1st Jonah Scutt (Webb)

2nd Jack Royall (Clive)

3rd Tom Gleave (Webb)

Year 8

1st Loukas Markopoulos (Talbot)

2nd Will Roddy (Talbot)

3rd Daniel Naudi (Darwin)

Year 9

1st Joe Coburn (Webb)

2nd Alex Raymond-Martin (Clive)

3rd Luke Beddow (Webb)

Year 10

1st Ethan Hunt (Webb)

2nd Ben Naudi (Darwin)

3rd Toby Reeves (Darwin)

Year 11

1st Tom Hendrie (Webb)

2nd James Ingram (Darwin)

3rd Matthew Vaughan (Clive)

Sixth Form (Girls)

1st Emily Smith (Clive)

2nd Molly Jackman (Clive)

3rd Isabel Dally (Darwin)

Sixth Form (Boys)

1st Connor Bentley (Clive)

2nd John Richards (Darwin)

3rd Michael Cooper (Clive)

Junior Competition (Years 7-8) – Webb

Middle Competition (Years 9-10) – Webb

Senior Competition (Year 11 & Sixth Form) – Talbot

Overall winners – Webb House