The school has recently re-introduced work experience for Year 11 pupils with a two week programme after their GCSEs have been completed.

This year our Year 11s organised placements  in a wide range of industries including law, engineering, marketing, IT, finance, education, architecture and medicine. After completing their work experience the pupils returned to present to Year 10 pupils about their experience.

Many thanks to Oliver Hulland for providing the following write-up based on the experience he and his team had working in the technology sector:

“We had the opportunity to visit a number of different companies over two weeks for our work experience in Year 11. Specifically, we worked in the IT and computing sector. We were able to interact with both hardware and software to build, design and repair solutions for the companies alongside their employees. We were able to not only shadow employees to get a deeper understanding of how they operate, but also partake in tasks ourselves such as soldering.

“I really enjoyed being able to get a better understanding of the workplace and how employees work since it is something interesting that we wouldn’t get an insight into without work experience. Moreover, being able to complete tasks by myself to achieve a goal was very satisfying.

“There were aspects of the week which I found hard. This was not only due to the complexity of the tasks but also due to the limitations that we are under as work experience students. For example a number of students working within medical fields were unable to get as involved as they may have wished, for understandable reasons.

“We would like to thank all the companies that we were able to work with for the brilliant opportunities, specifically: Risual Ltd, Stafford; Grocontinental, Whitchurch; and the Sensory Inclusion Service, TAW Council.

Our advice to younger years would be to ensure their placements are finalised well in advance of the dates to ensure they can benefit the most from the experience and enjoy what the placement has to offer.”

Oliver Hulland (on behalf of myself, William Tran, James Borgars, Pishone James, Oliver Simmons)