Eligibility & Fees


Since no charge is made for education at Adams’ Grammar School, boarders pay only for the provision associated with boarding. This makes boarding an attractive and affordable option for many families.

All applicants (or their parents/legal guardians) must be entitled to hold a full UK or EU passport, or have other residential status in the UK in order to be eligible for admission. All boarders from overseas must have a guardian in the UK . For families which may not have a UK contact, we have formalised relations with a Guardian Agency which can offer help if needed. Similarly we are able to offer English as an additional language (EFL) for boarders from overseas who might need additional support. This is done by special arrangement.


Boarding fees from 1st September 2017

Full Boarding:
£11,400/ year
£3,800 / term

Overseas Boarding:
£15,000 / year

Occasional Boarding:
£60/ night

Please note fees are calculated on the costs associated with boarding and these are the same for individuals and siblings; we are unable to offer a sibling discount.

Payment Options

We offer the following options for the payment of boarding fees:

  • Full annual fee in advance before 1st September.
  • Termly in advance – payment to be received before the first day of each term.
  • 10 equal instalments by Standing Order – the first payment to be received by 1st September and the final payment by 1st June.

Childcare Vouchers

Working parents may be able to pay part of the boarding boarding fees using childcare vouchers. For more information about the government’s childcare voucher scheme visit the Gov website.

Parents wishing to pursue this option will need to quote our Ofsted Number which is 137446.

Tax Credits

Eligible parents may be able to claim Working Tax Credits in respect of boarding fees. Further information on this is available on the HMRC website.

Parents wishing to pursue this option will need to quote our Ofsted Number which is 137446.

Queries with regard to tax credits and/or childcare vouchers should be addressed to HMRC, the school is unable to offer advice.