The Haberdashers’ Company takes great interest and pride in all the schools of which it is Trustee ensuring that the revenues accruing are spent wisely and that building projects give good value for money. Most of the Governors and the Heads are appointed by the Company, but not members of staff. The Company does not interfere in the daily running of the schools which is the proper concern of the respective Head under the direction of the Board of Governors. All the schools encourage the full development of the individual and help the pupils to get the most out of both work and leisure time. The schools are also concerned in promoting a broad tolerance of different viewpoints and consideration for others, within the context of a Christian heritage. From their foundation by four childless, Puritan Haberdashers who sought to enlighten future generations, the schools have developed and today over 6,000 pupils in eight very different schools are offered the best education available.

The Haberdashers’ Adams’ Federation Trust (HAFT)

The HAFT came into being on 1st January 2012. The Trust is a Company Limited by Guarantee and a Registered Charity. It has the responsibility for running both Abraham Darby Academy and Adams’ Grammar School. Its structure is as follows:


The Members of the Trust are the shareholders in the Company. They are responsible for appointing the Directors. The Members are:

  • Anthony Cann (Chair)
  • Sam Taylor
  • Roderick Barrow
  • The Worshipful Company of Haberdashers
  • Telford & Wrekin Council


The Directors are responsible for setting the direction of the schools and also appoint the members of the Local Governing Bodies and the Committees. The Articles of Association of HAFT provide that the Chairmen of the Committees will be Directors. The Directors are:

  • Anthony Cann (Chair)
  • Kimberley Burbridge
  • Roderick Barrow
  • John Gallagher (Chair of ADA Local Governing Body)
  • Sam Taylor (Chair of Finance Committee and AGS Local Governing Body)
  • Jeremy Goulding (Chair of Teaching and Learning Standards Committee)
  • Colin Watt (Chair of Pupil Welfare Committee)
  • The Master Haberdasher (ex-officio)


HAFT Finance and Buildings Committees

Responsible for overseeing the finances of both  Adams’ Grammar School, and Abraham Darby Academy, including Personnel and Buildings. The Members are:

  • Sam Taylor – Chair
  • Anthony Cann
  • John Gallagher
  • Roderick Barrow
  • James Penney
  • Charles Parker
  • Colin Watt
  • Mike Osborne

Teaching and Learning Standards Committee

Responsible for overseeing the Curriculum at each school. The Members are:

  • Jeremy Goulding – Chair
  • Anthony Cann
  • Henriette Hamisch
  • Robin Jacob
  • Matthew Skeate
  • Lee Hadley – Principal ADA
  • Gary Hickey – Headmaster AGS

Pupil Welfare Committee

Responsible for overseeing matters relating to the welfare and care and support of pupils at each school. The Members are:

  • Colin Watt – Chair
  • Anthony Cann
  • Kimberley Burbidge
  • Arun Daniel- Selvaratnam
  • Sarah Brackwell
  • Charles McLaren
  • Lee Hadley – Principal, ADA
  • Gary Hickey – Headmaster AGS

Additional Roles

  • Philip Thicknesse – Clerk to Haberdashers’ Company
  • Adrian Burns – Clerk to Governing Body
  • Joy Tomkinson – Business Manager AGS
  • Peter Rowlands – Bursar ADA


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